Posted by Abbie on April 18, 2008 under Achive

The previews for Awake pretty much give the film away except for two predictable ‘twists’ that the audience can (I hope) see coming a mile away.

Clay is a wealthy business heir who has been hiding his relationship from his overprotective mother. He also is on a waiting list for a heart transplant and it takes his surgery to bring his new wife and his mother together. The problem is that his doctors are plotting to kill him and benefit financially from his death. Three things troubled me about this film: the reason the doctors are doing this in the first place is because they owe money from previous malpractice lawsuits. If wealthy, powerful, inappropriately overprotective Mom’s darling son dies during surgery, as planned, she would obviously file yet another huge lawsuit against his doctors. How several people who were bright enough to succeed in medical school could not see that coming is baffling. Also, the mother/son relationship is dysfunctional, creepy and Freudian at best. You really get the feeling that there’s something inappropriate going on in Mommy’s head. It makes me cringe to think about it… The third issue I took with this film was somewhat nit-picky, I admit. But seriously, Evil Doctor #2 – Fisher Stevens – what is going on with his head? It looks like it’s about three times too large for his body. He has a giant ant head. It’s very distracting. I will say this about the movie, though; even though there wasn’t much to it that I hadn’t seen in the trailer, it did have an interesting illustration of death. This movie’s not bad if you’re not a fan of thinking about what you’re watching, or if you often find yourself in need of a toilet or popcorn run in the middle of films (I snuck out to get a hotdog and didn’t miss a thing).


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