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Oh, where to begin? Everything about this film made me happy. Not in a ‘feel-good-movie’ sort of way, obviously, I’m not that deranged, but in a stuck up, nit picky film geek sort of way.

The story is that of a television crew who are following firemen around for an evening. The firemen get called to an injured woman, and the situation snowballs until the crew, firemen, and residents of an apartment building are all locked inside with infected zombies. The point of view of the film is that of the cameraman for the television show. This makes the film a little Blair Witch-esque in that it plays with the audience‚Äôs perception both of what is, and more importantly what is not, caught on camera. The acting is again reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project in that the actors seem to be genuinely playing themselves, and to be genuinely terrified. However, I have wondered in the past if the fact that I don’t speak Spanish, and thus can’t tell how the actors are delivering their lines, makes me a poor judge. Oh, yeah. Did I not mention? This film’s in Spanish. Either way, I thought it was phenomenal. And the blood was some of the best horror movie blood I’ve seen.

Zombie lore (yes, there is zombie lore) is both adhered to and cleverly played with. The victims in the film can’t seem to find a way to kill the zombies. That’s because the only way to do so is by removing the head or destroying the brain. When the revolution comes you’d do well to remember that. Also, infection is spread via bodily fluid. In [REC] the infection is a creative one – evidence of a Catholic nation’s take on zombies, perhaps, because the infection is demonic possession.

I really like zombie movies, but I absolutely loved [REC]. I’m sure the few other people in the cinema at 1pm could hear me whispering urgently to myself and the characters, ‘No, you have to take her head off!’ and ‘She’s going to bite your hand, dude… See? I told you she was going to bite you.’

Let us take a moment to realise the fact that this is a first, and undoubtedly the first of very select few:


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