The Cottage

Posted by Abbie on April 18, 2008 under Achive

I have a very complex relationship with horror films. Horror is my favourite genre, but because I am so picky and snobby that few horror films impress me. Perhaps adding an element of comedy makes the feat easier (with the tremendous exception of the Scary Movie films and their ilk; my abhorrence for such tripe is immeasurable). Either way, The Cottage nobly joins the ranks of Shaun of the Dead and even the Evil Dead trilogy as magnificently executed hilarious horror. It features true horror, gratuitous gore, situation comedy, and an irrefutably attractive, and equally trashy, girl – something for everyone.

Two brothers kidnap said girl in order to extort money from her father, but instead stumble into far more trouble than both what they had bargained for, and what she is worth. A gruesomely deformed, murderous farmer hunts down the characters in the film one by one as they mistakenly trespass on his land. Though there is absolutely no subtlety when it comes to the amount of blood and violence, the magic of this film is in the exquisite details, such as what is printed on the teacups. Though The Cottage is both hilarious and gory, it also has its genuinely scary moments which do not require blood in order to achieve their desired effect. The characters are also well acted, with special emphasis on Tracy, the ill-fated heroine/victim. I was simultaneously annoyed and captivated by her; as I, as a viewer, was supposed to be. A mark of a truly talented filmmaker is the ability to play an audience like a puppet master; making strangers feel exactly what he or she intended using only words and music.

Like the other wonderful horror/comedy films with which The Cottage is on a par, I foresee a substantial cult following for this film, and will no doubt enjoy it in such a context in the future.


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