The Queen’s Corgi

Posted by Abbie on July 24, 2019 under Kind of Old

Three words: dark af


And I thought that during the first attempted murder. That was way before the blatant classism, domestic violence, and the second attempted murder in the form of arson. Seriously.

The Queen’s Corgi follows Rex, Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite dog, on a misadventure through the streets of London and eventually to a rehoming facility where he meets all sorts of characters who inevitably have not enjoyed the privilege Rex has known all his life. Sounds like an adorable family movie with plenty of ‘teachable moments’, right? Nope. What appears to be a cute little story about royal doggos is actually really messed up. Jack Whitehall’s voice doesn’t save it, the ruthless mocking of Donald Trump doesn’t save it, and gratuitous animated puppy fluffiness doesn’t save it.

This movie aspires to walk the tightrope perfected by Pixar and Dreamworks of being appropriate for children while also including the odd innuendo and adult joke in order to make it not too mind numbing for parents. Sadly, it does not succeed. The plot points designed to engage young kids are scarier than necessary, and the in-jokes for older kids and parents are not light and playful; they’re heavy handed and uncomfortable. An excellent example is Prince Philip. As comic relief, he doesn’t much care for the Queen’s beloved dogs. However, he doesn’t just dislike them – he actually physically kicks them and his bedtime reading material is literally ‘How to Kill My Dog’. High five, nWave pictures, you took it too far!

The best I can say for this movie is that maybe it will inspire kids to ask questions about why bullies hit their girlfriends, why all the baddies had certain accents, or what to do when friends try to drown you or burn you alive…



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